Robert Reed – Public School

If God is not allowed in public schools why would you want to send your kids there??


I Just Want to Live My Life

I just want to live my life. No, I don’t care that the government gropes me at the airport and spies on me on the internet. I don’t think about that much. I don’t care that the federal reserve can print as much money as they want robbing me of my labor. That doesn’t really concern me. No, I don’t mind that the IRS immorally confiscates my labor through the income tax. I’m not concerned that the country is at war endlessly ruining young men and women’s lives and terrorizing innocent people abroad. That doesn’t effect me. It doesn’t bother me that people are locked up for victimless crimes because society no longer understands what liberty is. No, I don’t care that my children will grow up and live in a country that resembles the USSR or China. That’s not my concern. I just want to live my life. The life as a slave. -humanalarmclockImage

America Today

America Today

Television – Mass Hypnotic Indoctrination

“It was meant to be hypnotic. It was meant to be used as a tool of propaganda and indoctrination, even through the guise of entertainment.” -Alan Watt


The Philosophy of Liberty: Plunder

“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” –Frederic Bastiat



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